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Studio Foglio News for July 17, 2011

The will be OPEN, but NOT SHIPPING while we're at ComiCon
There's been a lot going on, but for now, the most important thing to let everyone know is that orders placed at after 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time on Sunday, July 17 will NOT SHIP until we are back from the San Diego ComiCon, on Monday, July 25. You may place your order as usual, but please be aware that we will not be here to process it until then. Orders placed on Sunday the 17th or before will ship as usual. Since we generally ship on Mondays and Thursdays, we will only be missing one day of shipping, but we thought you should know. Thank you for your understanding!

Our Booth at ComiCon is 1331
In other news, we will be at booth 1331 at ComiCon, and we have special new Gaslamp Fantasy Costume Appreciation ribbons for those of you who visit our booth in your Steampunk finery! If you've got one of our earlier ones, you should still come by, these are different. Collect them both!
We also have lovely red and gold souvenir bags for $10 or free with a $50 purchase, or regular bags free with any purchase. Phil, Kaja, Carol and Alice will be there, as will experimental lab rats #s 1 & 2, (when they're not off playing with their Godmother, the infamous Countess Marie.)

New and Old (but redesigned!) Pins
We have new Ornate Trilobite pins! They're lovely! We've also re-designed the Winged Airship Fantasy Insignia and the Winged Trilobite pins, they're even better now that they're more 3D.

The Girl Genius Novel!
The first Girl Genius novel is still doing very well, and the softcover is already up on Amazon. We will have copies at ComiCon, and they should be appearing in stores soon, if they aren't already. Thank you, all of you who have already read it and sent us your kind words! Also thank you, to those of you who have been telling your friends. We really appreciate that, it's the best thing you can do for us if you liked the book!
I should also mention that the softcover release has been edited, we think we have now caught and corrected most of those horrible spelling errors that plagued us in the HC. (Argh. Next time, we promise to do better BEFORE it gets printed.) Revisions on the second novel are cracking along nicely, so please look for that sometime next year!

Girl Genius Collection Bundle Packs
Also new on the Online Store is the Girl Genius Volumes 1-10 all-at-once bundle, which is a nice deal since you get price break when you buy them all at once. We also have the 1-5 bundle and the 6-10 bundle, which are also at a small discount, but the best deal is still the 1-10.

Other Sale Items
If you're interested in sale items, we have a section of the store that will show you everything we have on sale. Since some of our titles have recently gone down in price (MythAdventures, Buck Godot) it may be worth another look.
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