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Studio Foglio News for January 20

The First Girl Genius Novel
is ALREADY being reprinted:

Night Shade Books, our intrepid publisher, is out of the hardcover edition of Agatha H and the Airship City, and is already getting reorders. So they're going back to press for a second printing of the hardcover! Wonderful! Barring something pretty amazing happening, (besides having to print more of the hardcover edition right away, that is...) this is probably it for this edition of the hardcover. So if you're a HC collector, now is the time to make sure you get one. The softcover isn't due out until August, we'll let you know when it's available.

The Novel Release Celebrations Were Wonderful!:
Our Girl Genius Day(s) events were a huge success. Thank you, everyone who helped get us into the top twenty at, we were their #17 best seller for the day. That made us feel very good indeed. I hope you all enjoy the book! Thank you, also, all those who blogged about and linked to the book. I doubt that it would be selling so well if you hadn't done that, and we greatly appreciate it. Everyone was so nice, and we're thrilled.

Thank you. Ravenna Third Place Books:

and all the friends and readers who showed up to listen to us read. We had a wonderful time, and we're really glad we had that extra case of books in the trunk of the car.

The reading at The Night Kitchen was astonishingly well-attended, and the food was incredible.
We will be going back, both for the food, which was delicious, and for the winter cocktails menu. (Half a Brandy Alexander was enough to make Kaja read VERY ENERGETICALLY, more than that would have put her to sleep. So disappointing to be a lightweight who wants to sample everything...)
The Night Kitchen: It's Your New Seattle Nerd Destination Spot. You must eat there!

Special thanks and closure points to The University Book Store:
Although afterward, we were treated to stories about how Neil Gaiman signings require use of the church across the street, and George R.R. Martin causes chaos wherever he goes, our reading at the U Bookstore was as packed as one of our signings gets. All the chairs were filled and some of you had to stand around (sorry about that!) So, yes, we were thrilled. Thank you, everyone who came to see us, you made us feel loved! (Plus it was...satisfying to do a signing at the store where I used to buy my textbooks.)
NOTA BENE: we signed everything that was left before we went home, so they might still have some signed first printings available. Maybe.

We visited Rustycon:
And we're glad we did. The reading was fun, and the big model airship outside the dealer's room was worth the trip. Thank you for inviting us, Rustycon, and thank you for coming to see us, Rustycon Audience!

The Girl Genius line of fine scents from ZOMGSMELLS is now available:

...and they are LOVELY! They schmell verrrry goooot! Yez!

We will be attending the Steampunk Exhibition Ball in Seattle on January 22:
Not that we'll be there doing anything official, but we'll be there enjoying the people, hanging out with our friends, and hoping to perhaps make a few more. Possibly we will see you there?

Catch Phil and Kaja at OhayoCon: January 28-30:
It's an anime con, and we'll be there! Because anime makes us so very, very happy... please come and see us if you can!

Our eBay Auctions Continue Apace:
Thanks to the heroic efforts of our old friend and occasional helper Alice Bentley, our flatfiles are steadily clearing out and more and more original artwork is winging its way into the hands of happy buyers. Original art is listed almost every day at studiofoglio on eBay, so please watch our auctions!

Original Art Now in the Airship Entertainment Online Store:
Also due to Alice's untiring efforts, original Girl Genius comic pages are now being listed for sale on our online store. Some pages, the ones we like best, are indeed being saved for eBay, but a lot of them are ready to go now! Have a look, and see if your favorite has been posted.

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