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The First Girl Genius Novel is Here:

Yes, we wrote up a novelization of the Girl Genius story, and it is being published by Night Shade Books! The first volume covers Agatha's adventures in Beetleburg and aboard Castle Wulfenbach. We are very excited about it, it's getting good reviews, and we're asking those who are planning to buy a copy but haven't yet done so to please try to buy it on January 12, in hopes of boosting awareness of the title. If you've already bought a copy, then we thank you! If you still want to do something to spread the word, we have posted a lovely set of buttons for use with blog posts and links! We live and die by word of mouth, so all the help we can get is appreciated.

Novel Release Celebrations:
If you are in the Seattle area any time between January 12-15, we have a string of book signings that we hope you'll attend. More information about when and where can be found at, or on the FaceBook event page for Girl Genius Days.

New Wallpapers:

We actually got our act together in time to make donation appreciation wallpapers for January!Amazing, really.

Pens, Pins and Other Merch:
We have a few new things on the Airship Entertainment Online Store...Adventure Society Membership Badges, cool wrench-shaped pens, more Tesla Rangers badges, new Girl Genius wrench-shaped stress balls, and new winged trilobite wrench-shaped stress balls.

WOW! Cheyenne is Now a Proud Parent!
Cheyenne Wright, the man who has been putting the lovely colors on the Girl Genius pages since Volume Five, now has a beautiful daughter! (Watch out for the Villain's Beautiful Daughter, folks.) We are all thrilled for him and his wife, Eli Danger Wright, and wish them all the very best. Congratulations, Cheyenne and Eli!

We will be attending the Steampunk Exhibition Ball in Seattle on January 22:
Not that we'll be there doing anything official, but we'll be there enjoying the people, hanging out with our friends, and hoping to perhaps make a few more. Possibly we will see you there?

Catch Phil and Kaja at OhayoCon: January 28-30:
It's an anime con, and we'll be there! Because anime makes us so very, very happy... please come and see us if you can!

Our eBay Auctions Continue Apace:
Thanks to the heroic efforts of our old friend and occasional helper Alice Bentley, our flatfiles are steadily clearing out and more and more original artwork is winging its way into the hands of happy buyers. Original art is listed almost every day at studiofoglio on eBay, so please watch our auctions!

Original Art Now in the Airship Entertainment Online Store:
Also due to Alice's untiring efforts, original Girl Genius comic pages are now being listed for sale on our online store. Some pages, the ones we like best, are indeed being saved for eBay, but a lot of them are ready to go now! Have a look, and see if your favorite has been posted.

OTHER CURRENT NEWS: (Carried over from previous posts, lest it be missed...)

Girl Genius Won the Hugo!:

If there is anything that could make us like Australia even more than we already do, it's that at Aussiecon 4, Girl Genius Volume Nine: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm was awarded the 2010 Hugo award in the category of Best Graphic Story for 2009! I don't think it's possible to express how happy this makes us. Also, although any Hugo is, of course, beautiful (when it's yours); we are now proud to have two of the most beautiful trophies in the history of the award.

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