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Studio Foglio News for August 17

Book Releases:
Phil has been working very hard, and has now finished all of the bookplate sketches for Volumes Three and Nine. This means that all of the pre-ordered Volumes Three and Nine will have shipped by the end of this week. That means both the regular pre-ordered books, which actually shipped a while ago, and the bookplate orders. I won't be able to update the Ship-o-meter graphic when it's all done, though, because I'll be in Australia for the next three weeks!

Volume One Shipping:
Volume One is now here, and all the regular pre-orders have shipped. Phil wasn't able to get all the bookplates done before we left for the World Science Fiction Convention, so we will be shipping all the rest of the pre-ordered books this week. This is because we're completely defeated by this year's ridiculously changeable schedule, and don't want anyone waiting any longer for their books than they already have. If you ordered a bookplate with your pre-ordered Volume One, please be assured that it will arrive in a separate mailing as soon as we can manage it. (Sometime in September.) Phil will be taking his sketches along on the trip, so we hope to have lots (if not all of them) done by the time we return.

A Question of Login:
Some of our loyal readers have reported a problem logging in to our online store to check on old orders. That is, they can't. Here is why: A while back, our old online store caught fire and burned to the ground. We wound up making a brand new store with a new company and server and everything. We had good paper records of all of the orders, so we didn't lose any, but we were not able to salvage the accounts that customers had set up on the old store. So if you go to our new store and try to log in with your old information, it just won't work. You can set up a new account for future use, but if you have a question about an older order, you may need to write to us at our customerserviceATstudiofoglioDOTcom address for assistance. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

The Corset Inspector Pin and Friends:
We have had many questions about Cheyenne's popular "Corset Inspector" pin. The answer is yes, we will indeed be making more. They are due to hit the Studio even before Phil and I return from Australia, and should be available again in early September. We will also be making more trilobite pins, as well as some new designs, with any luck in time for the Holidays.

Come Visit us in Sydney!:
We will be signing at: King's Comics: 310 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia on Saturday, 21 August from 12-2. For goodness sake, if you're around, come see us, it is going to be awfully embarrassing if nobody shows up.

While We're Gone:
There WILL be people at the Studio making sure that the orders go out, watching the eBay auctions, and feeding the dog. They told me to say that they're not up for anything TOO fancy (they'll have a hard time getting things signed by us on request, for instance), but they'll be making sure that when we get home, there isn't a big smoking crater where the Studio once stood. So never fear, your customer service questions will be answered as usual, and all those books will be shipping away while we fly.

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