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If you Pre-Ordered GG Volume One in Color...

Book Release Schedule Altered:
Because of the recent setbacks we've been having, we're once again behind on our production schedule. (Big surprise there...) The color edition of Volume One will be delayed, probably until early Summer. We've moved Volume Nine up to take its place, and we're currently looking at late May for its arrival in the Studio. Volume Three, in all its reprinted glory, will be arriving at the same time. (At which point we'll have to turn around and ship it all out... always a jolly time, I assure you.)

IF YOU HAVE PRE-ORDERED VOLUME ONE (The "with original sketch" option is the only one offered to date): you have three options available to you.
1: Sit tight and wait. Your order will be shipped as soon as the books are in. I'll make sure to include a special extra postcard as my thanks. We're looking at an early Summer release, but we'll do it sooner if the book is ready.
2: USE OUR SPECIAL FORM to change your order from: "Volume One with Original Sketch" to "Volume Nine with Original Sketch." You will get your book and sketch when Volume Nine is in stock. If you still want Volume One, you'll have to order it again when it's offered in the store, but you'll get your Vol. 9 and sketch right away. This isn't a bad deal, since pre-order original sketches are now $25 extra, as opposed to the $20 sketches sold with the Vol. 1 Preorders. IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH YOUR ORDER, PLEASE USE THE FORM!
3: You can always get a refund. As always, refunds are cheerfully given. Your good will is worth a lot to us. We do apologize for the inconvenience our terrible scheduling has caused.

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