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Oldish but Still Relevant News I forgot to post here... Sorry!

Our Readers are Fantastic!
Thank you so much, everyone who donated to Cheyenne's medical fund, both online and at conventions. It turns out that he DID in fact have an actual heart attack, which was a surprise even to his doctors, since he's a bit young and otherwise healthy for that. Then they hit him with: "Oh, and did you know you're diabetic?" Sigh. So far, it has not been the best of years for our intrepid color artist. But the online community has been most generous, and it looks like Cheyenne will be able to meet his bills for all this delightful "fun" he's been having. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. Listed on American MENSA Top 50:
American MENSA has honored us by including us in their list of top 50 Web sites for 2010. We are tickled at this further proof that our readers really are a bunch of smart people with a great sense of humor. Thanks for reading, everybody!

Girl Genius Nominated for a Hugo:
Girl Genius Volume Nine: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm has been nominated for a 2010 Hugo award in the category of Best Graphic Story for 2009. We're so happy to be considered again.

Upcoming Events and Foglio Sightings:
We will be at another local (To us, that's Seattle) event in the next couple of months: the Seattle Steampunk and Vendor Fair (May 8) to benefit the Museum of History and Industry. Please check our schedule for updates on where we will be and when, then come visit us!

Drivethru Comics' iPad PDF issue fixed:
I was recently informed that the default settings on the Girl Genius PDF collections from were causing a problem where the PDFs would not open on an Apple iPad. With the advice of the gurus at DriveThru, I have changed the settings so that all should be well. I am anxious to get my own iPad so I can see how the books look! (But it will have to wait a while...) I am sorry for the trouble, and hope all now runs smoothly.

The Girl Genius Perfume line debued at SakuraCon:
The license contract is finally drafted and signed, and ZOMG Smells is hard at work on perfumes inspired by Girl Genius! I was able to take some testers to SakuraCon, where they were very well received. Especially the Professoressa's signature scent: "Nuremburg Pudding Incedent." Hee! It's my favorite, too! The scents should be available soon from ZOMG Smells, I'll announce it when they are out!

Cheyenne's Tesla Rangers Badge is here!:
And it was very popular at both Wondercon and Sakuracon. I know everyone out there wants to break the laws of Science, and that's why we need our stalwart Tesla Rangers. Join the thin brass line, and help enforce the laws of Science!

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