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Happy New Year!

Girl Genius has been awarded a Broken Frontier Award for Best Webcomic of 2009!
Wow! Thank you, Broken Frontier, and everyone who voted for us at

Comic Book Resources recently listed us as "One of the Thirty Most Important Comics of the Last Decade."
Uh...really? Amazing! And we didn't even bribe them. Thanks, CBR!

Phil's MythAdventures adaptation is now being released in Webcomic form: Tues/Thurs/Fri
Phil's first professional work in comics. Read along as we post the entire eight-issue miniseries from the early 1980's!

Volume One of Girl Genius Color Edition Now in the works!
Cheyenne is working hard, and the color version of Volume One can be expected to ship for April 2010. Sooner, if the capital presents itself, since really all we need is the down-payment on the job for the printer. And because we need that down-payment, we're offering the bookplate pre-order deal again! (Yeek!) You can read all the details on our new "preorders" page.

Reprints of Girl Genius Volume Three will be released at the same time as the color edition of Volume One.
Bookplates are also available with Volume Three pre-orders.

June of 2010: Volumes Two and Nine.
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