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The Studio Foglio Spring Release Schedule

I have set up an official news page on the Girl Genius web site. I have even given it an RSS feed. I think. Eventually, I hope to move the whole news page to our site, but for now, here's what I've posted.

First off, we have our upcoming print schedule:

May 2009
Girl Genius Vol. 8 Hardcover--1st printing
Girl Genius Vol. 8 Softcover--1st printing
Girl Genius Vol. 4 Softcover--3rd printing

June 2009
Girl Genius Vol. 5 Softcover--3rd printing
Girl Genius Vol. 6 Softcover--SECOND EDITION 1st printing

The biggest news is: we have a new printer! The books listed above will be manufactured in the USA by Courier. We are very impressed with their work, and are feeling very good about working with them.

Volume Six will be losing two filler illustrations, and gaining two new pages of story. We made a miscalculation in the page count, and wound up with a lovely double-page that wasn't. With this edition, we'll be fixing that problem. If you have a copy of the first edition, don't worry, we will be posting high-resolution PDFs of the new pages, so you can print them out and add them to your existing book. There should be no need to buy a whole new book.

I hope to have pre-order listings finished by tonight. When they're ready, I'll let you know here, and on the new News page on the Girl Genius Web site.
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