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Sunday, July 17th, 2011
4:40 pm
Studio Foglio News for July 17, 2011
The Airshipstore.com will be OPEN, but NOT SHIPPING while we're at ComiCon
There's been a lot going on, but for now, the most important thing to let everyone know is that orders placed at airshipstore.com after 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time on Sunday, July 17 will NOT SHIP until we are back from the San Diego ComiCon, on Monday, July 25. You may place your order as usual, but please be aware that we will not be here to process it until then. Orders placed on Sunday the 17th or before will ship as usual. Since we generally ship on Mondays and Thursdays, we will only be missing one day of shipping, but we thought you should know. Thank you for your understanding!

Our Booth at ComiCon is 1331
In other news, we will be at booth 1331 at ComiCon, and we have special new Gaslamp Fantasy Costume Appreciation ribbons for those of you who visit our booth in your Steampunk finery! If you've got one of our earlier ones, you should still come by, these are different. Collect them both!
We also have lovely red and gold souvenir bags for $10 or free with a $50 purchase, or regular bags free with any purchase. Phil, Kaja, Carol and Alice will be there, as will experimental lab rats #s 1 & 2, (when they're not off playing with their Godmother, the infamous Countess Marie.)

New and Old (but redesigned!) Pins
We have new Ornate Trilobite pins! They're lovely! We've also re-designed the Winged Airship Fantasy Insignia and the Winged Trilobite pins, they're even better now that they're more 3D.

The Girl Genius Novel!
The first Girl Genius novel is still doing very well, and the softcover is already up on Amazon. We will have copies at ComiCon, and they should be appearing in stores soon, if they aren't already. Thank you, all of you who have already read it and sent us your kind words! Also thank you, to those of you who have been telling your friends. We really appreciate that, it's the best thing you can do for us if you liked the book!
I should also mention that the softcover release has been edited, we think we have now caught and corrected most of those horrible spelling errors that plagued us in the HC. (Argh. Next time, we promise to do better BEFORE it gets printed.) Revisions on the second novel are cracking along nicely, so please look for that sometime next year!

Girl Genius Collection Bundle Packs
Also new on the Online Store is the Girl Genius Volumes 1-10 all-at-once bundle, which is a nice deal since you get price break when you buy them all at once. We also have the 1-5 bundle and the 6-10 bundle, which are also at a small discount, but the best deal is still the 1-10.

Other Sale Items
If you're interested in sale items, we have a section of the store that will show you everything we have on sale. Since some of our titles have recently gone down in price (MythAdventures, Buck Godot) it may be worth another look.
Thursday, January 20th, 2011
10:06 pm
Studio Foglio News for January 20

The First Girl Genius Novel
is ALREADY being reprinted:

Night Shade Books, our intrepid publisher, is out of the hardcover edition of Agatha H and the Airship City, and is already getting reorders. So they're going back to press for a second printing of the hardcover! Wonderful! Barring something pretty amazing happening, (besides having to print more of the hardcover edition right away, that is...) this is probably it for this edition of the hardcover. So if you're a HC collector, now is the time to make sure you get one. The softcover isn't due out until August, we'll let you know when it's available.

The Novel Release Celebrations Were Wonderful!:
Our Girl Genius Day(s) events were a huge success. Thank you, everyone who helped get us into the top twenty at Amazon.com, we were their #17 best seller for the day. That made us feel very good indeed. I hope you all enjoy the book! Thank you, also, all those who blogged about and linked to the book. I doubt that it would be selling so well if you hadn't done that, and we greatly appreciate it. Everyone was so nice, and we're thrilled.

Thank you. Ravenna Third Place Books:

and all the friends and readers who showed up to listen to us read. We had a wonderful time, and we're really glad we had that extra case of books in the trunk of the car.

The reading at The Night Kitchen was astonishingly well-attended, and the food was incredible.
We will be going back, both for the food, which was delicious, and for the winter cocktails menu. (Half a Brandy Alexander was enough to make Kaja read VERY ENERGETICALLY, more than that would have put her to sleep. So disappointing to be a lightweight who wants to sample everything...)
The Night Kitchen: It's Your New Seattle Nerd Destination Spot. You must eat there!

Special thanks and closure points to The University Book Store:
Although afterward, we were treated to stories about how Neil Gaiman signings require use of the church across the street, and George R.R. Martin causes chaos wherever he goes, our reading at the U Bookstore was as packed as one of our signings gets. All the chairs were filled and some of you had to stand around (sorry about that!) So, yes, we were thrilled. Thank you, everyone who came to see us, you made us feel loved! (Plus it was...satisfying to do a signing at the store where I used to buy my textbooks.)
NOTA BENE: we signed everything that was left before we went home, so they might still have some signed first printings available. Maybe.

We visited Rustycon:
And we're glad we did. The reading was fun, and the big model airship outside the dealer's room was worth the trip. Thank you for inviting us, Rustycon, and thank you for coming to see us, Rustycon Audience!

The Girl Genius line of fine scents from ZOMGSMELLS is now available:

...and they are LOVELY! They schmell verrrry goooot! Yez!

OTHER CURRENT NEWS: (Carried over from previous posts, lest it be missed...)Collapse )
Monday, January 10th, 2011
1:49 pm
New Novel, Jan.12 Girl Genius Day, Wallpapers, New Merch, Events, Original Art

The First Girl Genius Novel is Here:

Yes, we wrote up a novelization of the Girl Genius story, and it is being published by Night Shade Books! The first volume covers Agatha's adventures in Beetleburg and aboard Castle Wulfenbach. We are very excited about it, it's getting good reviews, and we're asking those who are planning to buy a copy but haven't yet done so to please try to buy it on January 12, in hopes of boosting awareness of the title. If you've already bought a copy, then we thank you! If you still want to do something to spread the word, we have posted a lovely set of buttons for use with blog posts and links! We live and die by word of mouth, so all the help we can get is appreciated.

Novel Release Celebrations:
If you are in the Seattle area any time between January 12-15, we have a string of book signings that we hope you'll attend. More information about when and where can be found at www.girlgeniusbooks.com, or on the FaceBook event page for Girl Genius Days.

New Wallpapers:

We actually got our act together in time to make donation appreciation wallpapers for January!Amazing, really.

Pens, Pins and Other Merch:
We have a few new things on the Airship Entertainment Online Store...Adventure Society Membership Badges, cool wrench-shaped pens, more Tesla Rangers badges, new Girl Genius wrench-shaped stress balls, and new winged trilobite wrench-shaped stress balls.

WOW! Cheyenne is Now a Proud Parent!
Cheyenne Wright, the man who has been putting the lovely colors on the Girl Genius pages since Volume Five, now has a beautiful daughter! (Watch out for the Villain's Beautiful Daughter, folks.) We are all thrilled for him and his wife, Eli Danger Wright, and wish them all the very best. Congratulations, Cheyenne and Eli!

We will be attending the Steampunk Exhibition Ball in Seattle on January 22:
Not that we'll be there doing anything official, but we'll be there enjoying the people, hanging out with our friends, and hoping to perhaps make a few more. Possibly we will see you there?

Catch Phil and Kaja at OhayoCon: January 28-30:
It's an anime con, and we'll be there! Because anime makes us so very, very happy... please come and see us if you can!

Our eBay Auctions Continue Apace:
Thanks to the heroic efforts of our old friend and occasional helper Alice Bentley, our flatfiles are steadily clearing out and more and more original artwork is winging its way into the hands of happy buyers. Original art is listed almost every day at studiofoglio on eBay, so please watch our auctions!

Original Art Now in the Airship Entertainment Online Store:
Also due to Alice's untiring efforts, original Girl Genius comic pages are now being listed for sale on our online store. Some pages, the ones we like best, are indeed being saved for eBay, but a lot of them are ready to go now! Have a look, and see if your favorite has been posted.

OTHER CURRENT NEWS: (Carried over from previous posts, lest it be missed...)

Girl Genius Won the Hugo!:

If there is anything that could make us like Australia even more than we already do, it's that at Aussiecon 4, Girl Genius Volume Nine: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm was awarded the 2010 Hugo award in the category of Best Graphic Story for 2009! I don't think it's possible to express how happy this makes us. Also, although any Hugo is, of course, beautiful (when it's yours); we are now proud to have two of the most beautiful trophies in the history of the award.

My personal LiveJournal, which I sometimes even update, can be found here.
Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
10:26 am
Studio Foglio News for September 14

I'm sorry! Apparently, Volume One is NOT done Shipping:
We had thought that all the pre-ordered GG Volume Ones would be shipped not long after I left for Australia, but it turns out that there was a LOT of it, and our intrepid helpers are STILL working on the pile. They're getting near the bottom of the pile, but work continues. Argh. I will keep everyone posted on the progress. I do apologize for the misinformation, (especially to my e-mail helpers, who are NOT especially happy with me right now...)

Volumes Three and Nine Releases:
Volumes Three and Nine are here, and all the pre-ordered books have now shipped. If your order does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, please let us know. Things do occasionally go missing in the mail...

Girl Genius Won the Hugo!:

If there is anything that could make us like Australia even more than we already do, it's that at Aussiecon 4, Girl Genius Volume Nine: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm was awarded the 2010 Hugo award in the category of Best Graphic Story for 2009! I don't think it's possible to express how happy this makes us. Also, although any Hugo is, of course, beautiful (when it's yours); we are now proud to have two of the most beauiful trophies in the history of the award.

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
10:47 pm
Studio Foglio News for August 17
Book Releases:
Phil has been working very hard, and has now finished all of the bookplate sketches for Volumes Three and Nine. This means that all of the pre-ordered Volumes Three and Nine will have shipped by the end of this week. That means both the regular pre-ordered books, which actually shipped a while ago, and the bookplate orders. I won't be able to update the Ship-o-meter graphic when it's all done, though, because I'll be in Australia for the next three weeks!

Volume One Shipping:
Volume One is now here, and all the regular pre-orders have shipped. Phil wasn't able to get all the bookplates done before we left for the World Science Fiction Convention, so we will be shipping all the rest of the pre-ordered books this week. This is because we're completely defeated by this year's ridiculously changeable schedule, and don't want anyone waiting any longer for their books than they already have. If you ordered a bookplate with your pre-ordered Volume One, please be assured that it will arrive in a separate mailing as soon as we can manage it. (Sometime in September.) Phil will be taking his sketches along on the trip, so we hope to have lots (if not all of them) done by the time we return.

A Question of Login:
Some of our loyal readers have reported a problem logging in to our online store to check on old orders. That is, they can't. Here is why: A while back, our old online store caught fire and burned to the ground. We wound up making a brand new store with a new company and server and everything. We had good paper records of all of the orders, so we didn't lose any, but we were not able to salvage the accounts that customers had set up on the old store. So if you go to our new store and try to log in with your old information, it just won't work. You can set up a new account for future use, but if you have a question about an older order, you may need to write to us at our customerserviceATstudiofoglioDOTcom address for assistance. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

The Corset Inspector Pin and Friends:
We have had many questions about Cheyenne's popular "Corset Inspector" pin. The answer is yes, we will indeed be making more. They are due to hit the Studio even before Phil and I return from Australia, and should be available again in early September. We will also be making more trilobite pins, as well as some new designs, with any luck in time for the Holidays.

Come Visit us in Sydney!:
We will be signing at: King's Comics: 310 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia on Saturday, 21 August from 12-2. For goodness sake, if you're around, come see us, it is going to be awfully embarrassing if nobody shows up.

While We're Gone:
There WILL be people at the Studio making sure that the orders go out, watching the eBay auctions, and feeding the dog. They told me to say that they're not up for anything TOO fancy (they'll have a hard time getting things signed by us on request, for instance), but they'll be making sure that when we get home, there isn't a big smoking crater where the Studio once stood. So never fear, your customer service questions will be answered as usual, and all those books will be shipping away while we fly.

Thursday, July 1st, 2010
3:47 pm
Manga for sale
Minion Alice here, in the midst of reorganizing the warehouse space for Studio Foglio and Airship Books.
One of the more unusual shelves to clear has a collection of manga - some are duplicate copies bought on accident, some are fun books that just don't need to live here any more.

My challenge is finding them new homes while not adding to the swirling chaos of normal operations. So here's the list of what's up for sale at the moment: cut because we careCollapse )

You can claim books by commenting here, I'll do strikeouts as books are gone. Paypal or checks accepted.

If this doesn't work out, I'll probably switch to listing them on eBay - so save me from that fate!

- Alice
Monday, May 24th, 2010
12:11 pm
Volumes Nine and Three Standard Pre-Orders Now Available!
The original art sketch promotion has ended, and the books are on their way. We expect them to arrive at the beginning of June. You can now preorder your books at the regular price at our company store: airshipstore.com.
Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
5:10 pm
Studio Foglio News for May 18

More News Below the Cut!Collapse )You can now pre-order Volumes Nine (HC&SC) and Three (SC reprint) at our new online store: airshipstore.com At the moment, the only pre-order available is the premium package that comes with an original sketch bookplate, but that offer will END on May 19. At that point, you will still be able to pre-order books, but not with the sketch bookplate.

Book Releases and Pre-ordering:
As of May 18, Book 3 has been printed and binding has begun. Book Nine is at the printer, through the approval process, and near the printing stage. We expect both book shipments to turn up on our doorstep while we're at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan. (Around the end of May.)

Corset Inspector Badge Now Available:

Cheyenne's new design is now available as a beautiful metal badge! Avilable at: airshipstore.com

This weekend (May 22-23) at the Fairmont Empress in Victora BC there will be a fantastic Steampunk event, which we didn't really have time for, but which I just couldn't resist. I will be in the vendor's area with a very small amount of stuff to sell (assuming my stuff makes it safely through customs) and a lot of time on my hands, so please come and chat with me!

Phil and Kaja will be at the World Steam Expo:

As guests, this time! May 28-31in Dearborn, Michigan. Please come and see us!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
5:08 pm
Pre-orders now available for GG Volumes 3 and 9
Whew! You can now pre-order Volumes Nine (HC&SC) and Three (SC reprint) with an original sketch bookplate at our new online store: airshipstore.com
12:26 am
If you Pre-Ordered GG Volume One in Color...

Book Release Schedule Altered:
Because of the recent setbacks we've been having, we're once again behind on our production schedule. (Big surprise there...) The color edition of Volume One will be delayed, probably until early Summer. We've moved Volume Nine up to take its place, and we're currently looking at late May for its arrival in the Studio. Volume Three, in all its reprinted glory, will be arriving at the same time. (At which point we'll have to turn around and ship it all out... always a jolly time, I assure you.)

IF YOU HAVE PRE-ORDERED VOLUME ONE (The "with original sketch" option is the only one offered to date): you have three options available to you.
1: Sit tight and wait. Your order will be shipped as soon as the books are in. I'll make sure to include a special extra postcard as my thanks. We're looking at an early Summer release, but we'll do it sooner if the book is ready.
2: USE OUR SPECIAL FORM to change your order from: "Volume One with Original Sketch" to "Volume Nine with Original Sketch." You will get your book and sketch when Volume Nine is in stock. If you still want Volume One, you'll have to order it again when it's offered in the store, but you'll get your Vol. 9 and sketch right away. This isn't a bad deal, since pre-order original sketches are now $25 extra, as opposed to the $20 sketches sold with the Vol. 1 Preorders. IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH YOUR ORDER, PLEASE USE THE FORM!
3: You can always get a refund. As always, refunds are cheerfully given. Your good will is worth a lot to us. We do apologize for the inconvenience our terrible scheduling has caused.

12:24 am
Oldish but Still Relevant News I forgot to post here... Sorry!

Our Readers are Fantastic!
Thank you so much, everyone who donated to Cheyenne's medical fund, both online and at conventions. It turns out that he DID in fact have an actual heart attack, which was a surprise even to his doctors, since he's a bit young and otherwise healthy for that. Then they hit him with: "Oh, and did you know you're diabetic?" Sigh. So far, it has not been the best of years for our intrepid color artist. But the online community has been most generous, and it looks like Cheyenne will be able to meet his bills for all this delightful "fun" he's been having. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

girlgeniusonline.com Listed on American MENSA Top 50:
American MENSA has honored us by including us in their list of top 50 Web sites for 2010. We are tickled at this further proof that our readers really are a bunch of smart people with a great sense of humor. Thanks for reading, everybody!

Girl Genius Nominated for a Hugo:
Girl Genius Volume Nine: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm has been nominated for a 2010 Hugo award in the category of Best Graphic Story for 2009. We're so happy to be considered again.

Upcoming Events and Foglio Sightings:
We will be at another local (To us, that's Seattle) event in the next couple of months: the Seattle Steampunk and Vendor Fair (May 8) to benefit the Museum of History and Industry. Please check our schedule for updates on where we will be and when, then come visit us!

Drivethru Comics' iPad PDF issue fixed:
I was recently informed that the default settings on the Girl Genius PDF collections from DriveThruComics.com were causing a problem where the PDFs would not open on an Apple iPad. With the advice of the gurus at DriveThru, I have changed the settings so that all should be well. I am anxious to get my own iPad so I can see how the books look! (But it will have to wait a while...) I am sorry for the trouble, and hope all now runs smoothly.

The Girl Genius Perfume line debued at SakuraCon:
The license contract is finally drafted and signed, and ZOMG Smells is hard at work on perfumes inspired by Girl Genius! I was able to take some testers to SakuraCon, where they were very well received. Especially the Professoressa's signature scent: "Nuremburg Pudding Incedent." Hee! It's my favorite, too! The scents should be available soon from ZOMG Smells, I'll announce it when they are out!

Cheyenne's Tesla Rangers Badge is here!:
And it was very popular at both Wondercon and Sakuracon. I know everyone out there wants to break the laws of Science, and that's why we need our stalwart Tesla Rangers. Join the thin brass line, and help enforce the laws of Science!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
6:03 pm
Wallpapers and Conventions

Wallpaper Donation Redirect Fixed--we think.
If you donated via PayPal and didn't get sent to the wallpaper download page, I am so sorry! Please write to us at the customer service address, and we will send you a link.
I used Cheyenne's PayPal account to set up this month's donation buttons so that the donations will go straight to him. When I did this, I apparently missed a setting (one that I have never seen before. Argh!) and so the link to the wallpaper download page wasn't going through for everyone. I believe I have now fixed the problem. If you still get an error message when donating, first try to refresh the page. I've been told that sometimes works. If it still gives you a hard time, write to us at the customerservice address.

Nova Albion Convention Coming Up
We're the artist guests of honor at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition! So exciting! Come and see us, if you can!

Studio Foglio Booth at Emerald City Comicon
We will be at the Steampunk Exhibition, but Cheyenne Wright and Alice Bentley will be running the Studio Foglio booth at ECC! We will make sure to sign some books before we go, so that you can get autographed copies while they last.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
7:36 pm
Happy New Year!

Girl Genius has been awarded a Broken Frontier Award for Best Webcomic of 2009!
Wow! Thank you, Broken Frontier, and everyone who voted for us at brokenfrontier.com.

Comic Book Resources recently listed us as "One of the Thirty Most Important Comics of the Last Decade."
Uh...really? Amazing! And we didn't even bribe them. Thanks, CBR!

Phil's MythAdventures adaptation is now being released in Webcomic form: Tues/Thurs/Fri
Phil's first professional work in comics. Read along as we post the entire eight-issue miniseries from the early 1980's!

Volume One of Girl Genius Color Edition Now in the works!
Cheyenne is working hard, and the color version of Volume One can be expected to ship for April 2010. Sooner, if the capital presents itself, since really all we need is the down-payment on the job for the printer. And because we need that down-payment, we're offering the bookplate pre-order deal again! (Yeek!) You can read all the details on our new "preorders" page.

Reprints of Girl Genius Volume Three will be released at the same time as the color edition of Volume One.
Bookplates are also available with Volume Three pre-orders.

June of 2010: Volumes Two and Nine.
Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
9:36 pm
Volumes Five and Six Pre-Orders Have Shipped!

The reprints of Volumes Five and Six of Girl Genius have now shipped.

Just in time for us to start worrying about the reprints for Volume One (color, this time, did I mention that?) and Three, then Two and, of course, the release of Volume Nine. Woo. Hoo. Augh.
Thursday, December 10th, 2009
2:37 pm
We're back with news for LJ!

The reprints of Volumes Five and Six of Girl Genius have now mostly shipped.
And about time, too. There are a few stray orders that should be tidied up and shipped this week, but after that, we should be done with that particular circus. Huzzah! It really was a circus, too, so if we got your order wrong in any way, please do let us know. We'll fix it!

Girl Genius has been nominated for a Broken Frontier Award for Best Webcomic of 2009.
How nice! You can read about this, (and vote for us) at brokenfrontier.com.

We are finally updating our social networking sites...
So you can now find "Girl Genius Webcomic" and "Kaja & Phil Foglio" on Facebook; "girlgenius" and "Othar" on Twitter; "girlgeniuscomic" "studiofoglio" and "kajafoglio" on LiveJournal; and "girlgeniuscomic" at deviantART. Whew.

DriveThruComics is currently having a great big Holiday sale:
And our PDFs are part of it!

We're thrilled to be part of Seattle's annual Strangercrombie charity auction!
You can bid on a full run of Girl Genius softcovers, plus get your name in the background of the strip. See the details at the Stranger's site!

--Oh, and did we mention that we won a Hugo? Hee hee...

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
1:55 pm
The Studio Foglio Spring Release Schedule

I have set up an official news page on the Girl Genius web site. I have even given it an RSS feed. I think. Eventually, I hope to move the whole news page to our site, but for now, here's what I've posted.

First off, we have our upcoming print schedule:

May 2009
Girl Genius Vol. 8 Hardcover--1st printing
Girl Genius Vol. 8 Softcover--1st printing
Girl Genius Vol. 4 Softcover--3rd printing

June 2009
Girl Genius Vol. 5 Softcover--3rd printing
Girl Genius Vol. 6 Softcover--SECOND EDITION 1st printing

The biggest news is: we have a new printer! The books listed above will be manufactured in the USA by Courier. We are very impressed with their work, and are feeling very good about working with them.

Volume Six will be losing two filler illustrations, and gaining two new pages of story. We made a miscalculation in the page count, and wound up with a lovely double-page that wasn't. With this edition, we'll be fixing that problem. If you have a copy of the first edition, don't worry, we will be posting high-resolution PDFs of the new pages, so you can print them out and add them to your existing book. There should be no need to buy a whole new book.

I hope to have pre-order listings finished by tonight. When they're ready, I'll let you know here, and on the new News page on the Girl Genius Web site.
Monday, October 6th, 2008
9:45 pm
eBay and Steam Powered
Last week's auctions closed, now there's even more new art listed on eBay.

Thank you to everyone who bid!

At the end of October, we (Phil and Kaja) will be at Steam Powered, the California Steampunk Convention. We have a booth in the vendor area, so please come and visit us. We're looking forward to it!


Saturday, October 4th, 2008
6:53 pm
New Items Listed for Preorder
I have several new pins coming in soon, as well as re-orders on some of the older pins. We're also testing out a Jägermonster backpack. I've listed everything for preorder on the SF online store. For a longer explanation of preorders and why we're offering them, you can read my LJ post over at kajafoglio !


Monday, September 29th, 2008
8:15 pm
Some announcements!
New originals and a blank book (with one page already drawn on by Phil) have now been posted for sale on eBay!

Also, three new Halloween-themed donation gift wallpapers have been uploaded. (Finally.)

And two new wallpapers have been added to the Girl Genius Free Stuff page!

Unrelated to us, but most likely of interest to our readers:
If you're in Seattle, you only have a few more days to catch the Anachrotechnofetishism gallery show. Lots of beautiful art by some amazing artists, including Molly "Porkshanks" Friedrich, creator of my very favorite necklace. It's well worth checking out!

That's all!


Saturday, August 30th, 2008
4:46 am
It's not just a long holiday weekend with no Postal Service on Monday - it is also the weekend of Kumoricon in Portland OR.

So while email will not be read, and orders will not be processed, we are expecting a fabulous time meeting with people, selling books in the Dealers Room and throwing together another Girl Genius Radio Play. Come join us if you can!

We'll see about catching up to all the rest of the stuff when we get back on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!

(posted by Alice: Minion for Studio Foglio)
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